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You can now take part in the Social Network of the Tourist Community of the Campo de Belchite region. Start session and create a new user. Complete the profile you have chosen and start to have fun.

The Campo de Belchite region has its own and very first social network. And this is only the first step for you to make your own tailor-made visit to the territory. Take part, give your opinion, get to know the rest of the travellers and discover this magical spot to show it to others.

Get connected
We make it easy for you, so you can find, follow and enjoy the most important contents, prepare every detail of your journey step-by-step and find that place that you are looking for to escape to a country holiday or rural house, or to get lost in a magical place for a few days.

The Community social network connects travellers and tourist organisations. But there is a lot more. You can interact and share your experience with other users and directly contact all the Community tourist resources (natural spaces, rural houses... ) that have opened their own profiles in the social network. A whole world of activities that enables you to interact with customised information. Planning your trip to the Campo de Belchite region has never been so much fun!

Sharing is the key aspect

Prepare your profile, look for friends, contact other travellers and discover everything you need to know, visiting and commenting on users' photos and videos. Communicate and centralise all your activity through the wall.

Comment on the tourist resources, express your doubts, create groups around the topic of your interest, post photos and videos of the region.

Organise your trip step-by-step, post your contents or visit those of other travellers, create your profile and contact the region's tourist resources. Discover all the magical places that you want to visit in the Campo de Belchite region and share your experience with all your contacts.


To start to form part of the social network, you will have to create your own profile. At the top of all the pages you will find a link to register or start a session. Press register, fill in the blank fields and you will become an official member of the Tourist Community of the Campo de Belchite region. Do not forget to post a picture of your avatar and fill in as many details as possible, so your friends will be able to easily find you.

A lot more...

Before registering, you can have a look, here, at some of the sections of the social network.

We have reserved a very special place for our tourists.

Our Social Network emerges to become a meeting place for everybody.

Get to know travellers like you and create your own network of friends.

Your experience is the best way of telling the rest of the world about the Campo de Belchite region.

But this is only the start. We continue to innovate, we continue to develop so that your experience within this Community will become even more intense. Within a short time, you will be able to access the new functionalities of the Social Network that we are creating for you... and which you will very soon be able to enjoy. Discover how to share your experiences with other travellers.


Meet travelers like you and build your own network of friends



We have reserved a special place for our tourists


Fondo Europeo Agrícola de Desarrollo Rural: Europa invierte en las zonas rurales