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Describing the municipality of Belchite means describing two villages. The old one, a permanent snapshot of one of the battles of the Civil War, abandoned today, And the new one, built from scratch, a few metres away from the first one, built by the Directorate General for Devastated Regions and inaugurated in 1954. Memories shared among the streets of these two municipalities. Walking along them enables us to see the differences of these two places that housed the same people.

The olive grove, with specimens more than 500 years old, flank the entire municipality of Belchite and fill it with a green brownish-grey colour. Visitors to this municipality will be able to observe all the charm of this wood, which roads and access paths run through. A walk through these fields of traditional crops, is a comforting gift for nature and biodiversity lovers.

The steppe is another of the resources of Belchite, which has a wildlife refuge, La Lomaza and the ornithological reserve of El Planeron. This landscape traces a diaphanous horizon on the visitor’s retina, a touching scenario where one can feel the imperious silence only broken by the trill of the birds.

Localización y Contacto

Dirección: Plaza del Ayuntamiento, 1
Belchite (Zaragoza)
Código postal: 50130

Teléfonos: 976 830 003   
Fax: 976 830 514
Página web:
Correo electrónico:

Información adicional

Superficie (km²): 273.58
Población: 1628
Gentilicios: belchitano

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