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Taking a general view of our region, the small municipality of Almochuel slips in between lands of Teruel tracing a curious appendix.

Almochuel appears before visitors, preceded by a crown of black poplars that stand upright, protected and supported by the Aguasvivas river. The main street comes out onto the square that houses the church of San Gervasio & Protasio, a simple Renaissance and Baroque style building, which, because it is almost free-standing, visitors can contemplate in its practical entirety. Opposite the church door we find the Calle Mayor, a curious and perfectly balanced street, comprised of two hamlets divided into 14 houses that illustrate the repopulation of this land at the end of the 18th century, urged by the Archbishop of Zaragoza, Agustin de Lezo and staged by residents of Albalate del Arzobispo. Going back to the Plaza de la Iglesia, and with their backs to the entrance to the village, visitors will find one of the most pleasant nooks and crannies of Almochuel, a park surrounded by high hedges and splattered with trees, with all the necessary elements to enjoy lunches and dinners outdoors.

Just over a kilometre and a half from the centre, surrounded by the typical dryness of the steppe landscape, the reservoir of Almochuel emerges like an oasis, an ideal place for fishing and to enjoy the magical contrasts that nature sometimes offers to us.



Localización y Contacto

Dirección: C/ Oriente, 8
Almochuel (Zaragoza)
Código postal: 44591

Teléfonos: 976 823129   
Fax: 976 823129
Correo electrónico:

Información adicional

Superficie (km²): 50.3
Población: 29
Gentilicios: Almochuelano

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