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Almonacid de la Cuba

Almonacid de la Cuba is, undoubtedly, one of the most beautiful municipalities of the Campo de Belchite Region. It is located on the steep slope of the gully formed by the Aguasvivas River on its way through the Belchite mountain range. The contrast of the white limestone of this mountain range with the spontaneous vegetation, which grows on the edge of the river, and that of the vegetable gardens with their almost perfect symmetry and layout, resulting from the care of those who have learnt how to work the land from a very early age, surprise visitors with this unusual change of colours.

Welcoming the visitor, is the 1st century Roman dam. One of the best preserved treasures, the pride of all the people from Almonacid. A walk through its awkward streets offers visitors to this municipality an idea of the Muslim past of this location. Narrow winding streets with steep slopes that come out onto the riverbank, trace the map of this enclave. And staked out on the slope that Almonacid de la Cuba is built upon, we find the remains of the Moorish tower, a defensive Moslem construction.

Localización y Contacto

Dirección: Pza. Pardo Santayana, 1
Almonacid de la Cuba (Zaragoza)
Código postal: 50133

Teléfonos: 976 837401   
Fax: 976 837225
Página web:
Correo electrónico:

Información adicional

Superficie (km²): 54.9
Población: 289
Gentilicios: Almonacidense

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