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Codo is located in the north-east part of the Campo de Belchite region. Seated at the foot of a hill, Codo houses many charming features and a history linked to the Cistercian monastery of Rueda, that it has belonged to since the 13th century.

The etymology of this toponym seems to link it to the Gothic village, remains of which still exist, located in the Varella-Castellar Visigothic necropolis.

One of the most interesting monuments is the parish church of San Bernardo, a large Baroque temple, built on the original Mudejar church, whose tower still remains. Next to this, the remains of the 14th century castle or the Nuestra Señora de Monserrat  Hermitage are some of the places that tourists visiting Codo can see.

The residents of the village, who are aware of how important it is to take care of their traditions, have recuperated the dance in honour of San Bernardo, and this colourful dance is exhibited each year on his patron saint’s day, an attraction for locals and visitors coming to Codo.

Localización y Contacto

Dirección: C/ Generalísimo, 3
Codo (Zaragoza)
Código postal: 50132

Teléfonos: 976 831246   
Fax: 976 831246
Correo electrónico:

Información adicional

Superficie (km²): 11.3
Población: 212
Gentilicios: Codino

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