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The municipality of Moneva is located in the south of the region. It is accessed along the recently resurfaced road.  The entrance coincides with one of the canyons traced by the Aguasvivas river on its way through the municipality, a spectacular way to welcome visitors.

Reminiscences of the past are perceived in its narrow, winding streets, which slide down the slope that this municipality is set upon. Ever-watching, the parish church of Santa Eulalia is situated on high.

The remains of the ethnographic heritage can still be seen today, such as the mills, an aqueduct and a mediaeval dam, constructions raised under the protection of the river course and that, today, are points of interest in the walking trails that cross this small village. Next to these, the Moneva reservoir, one of the most outstanding and attractive resources of reference of the region.

Localización y Contacto

Dirección: Pza. Nueva, 7
Moneva (Zaragoza)
Código postal: 50144

Teléfonos: 976 831436   
Fax: 976 831443
Correo electrónico:

Información adicional

Superficie (km²): 61.2
Población: 128
Gentilicios: Monevino

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