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Where you stay

Recover from the daily hustle and bustle, and fast pace of the large cities in a rural environment like ours, where silence is the main soundscape that we can offer you. Close your eyes and listen. Delicious silence. Wake up to the trill of birds, and the faraway and lilting echo of morning conversations between locals. Open the window and let the fresh air flow into your room. Breathe deeply and feel how the soft breeze caresses and cools your face.

Our proposal to you is a breakfast with local products: Another of the pleasures that we can delight you with. You can start with fruit from the low-lying fertile land of the Aguasvivas River, apples and pears with an intense flavour and firm texture. Take a slice of bread baked in a firewood oven and pour a bit of extra virgin olive oil onto it, “empeltre” variety. Its golden yellow colour with green tones and fruity flavour, with light touches of almond and walnut, awaken all the senses. To complete breakfast, a piece of sheep or goat’s cheese, whose aromas of aromatic plants evoke the landscape of the nearby mountains where these animals graze. The baking in the area has not changed and is done in traditional manner, providing a sweet end to our awaking in Campo de Belchite.

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